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Boucan Canot Hotel

Whale-watching on Réunion Island, a truly magical sight to behold

13 . 02 . 2024
Boucan Canot Hotel

Every year, Réunion Island's crystal-clear waters are home to a fantastic spectacle. Our coastline offers a prime location for whale calving, providing you with the rare opportunity to observe whales and their young in their natural habitat.

When is the best time of year to see whales on Réunion Island?

While many species of dolphin inhabit Réunion Island's crystal-clear waters throughout the year, humpback whales can only be seen during the austral winter. From July to October, the warm waters of this île intense become the stage for an exceptional spectacle. These majestic creatures migrate to the Indian Ocean to reproduce and, consequently, this is the time of year when many calves are born. A magical moment not to be missed during your stay on Réunion Island.

Where is the best place to see whales on Réunion Island?

The west coast of Réunion Island is without a doubt the best place for whale-watching. These impressive marine mammals gather near the shores between Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and Saint-Paul. Nestled on its rocky outcrop on the edge of the ocean, the 4-star Boucan Canot Hotel enjoys one of the best vantage points for following the comings and goings of the whales on the west coast. Revel in this magical spectacle of nature from the terrace of your ocean-facing room or suite, when sipping on a delicious cocktail at the hotel bar or in its gardens, or while comfortably seated at La Table du Boucan.

Whale-watching can be done from the shore, but not exclusively. A variety of experiences can provide a more intimate view of these creatures, while of course respecting their environment and tranquillity. Our concierge service will be only too happy to organise a boat trip or diving trip for you to swim with the whales here on Réunion Island.

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