Boucan Canot Hotel
Boucan Canot Hotel

A made-to-measure collaboration with the talented Reunionese illustrator Ariane Molinaro

13 . 02 . 2024
Boucan Canot Hotel

Ariane Molinaro, tropical sun-drenched creations to brighten up your interiors

Ariane Molinaro, an entrepreneur and illustrator from Réunion, unveils a warm, exotic and minimalist world. After having reconnected with her creativity and passion for drawing, she decided to set up her own business on returning to her native island in October 2020. Since then, she has explored this field with true authenticity, producing original, colourful and tropical illustrations that are sure to brighten up any interior.

Bringing the outdoors in with minimalist, colourful illustrations

Boucan Canot, a 4-star hotel in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, wanted to add an original twist to the décor of its interiors, while also paying tribute to its exceptional natural surroundings. The initial brief? Bring a slice of the landscapes that make Réunion Island so beautiful into the hotel through four series of four unique, sun-drenched illustrations to adorn the walls of the different room categories and communal areas.

Creations that pay tribute to the hotel's idyllic setting

  • The Verdure series 
    These illustrations showcase the natural spaces of Boucan Canot Hotel, with the patio, poolside tropical gardens, palm trees and frangipani all taking pride of place.
  • The Pastel series    
    This series depicts Réunion's gentle way of life and the peaceful atmosphere that characterises Boucan Canot Hotel in a soft abstract style.
  • The Ocean series   
    The exceptional panorama, the whale-watching opportunities during the southern winter, and the horizon as your backdrop... The creations in the Ocean series pay homage to this idyllic waterfront location.
  • The Soleil series     
    In this series, the Reunionese sunshine is showcased in all its glory: the gentle golden hour, the intense rays that shine a light on the island's landscapes, the promise of a unique experience.

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